Etam Weekend top / Blaque Label skirt / ASOS shoes

I know that in my style history post, I said that I don't dress as childish as I used to...So I'm swallowing my words, because this outfit is a complete regression to last year. Peter pan collar? Full, twirly skirt? And lilac socks paired with mary janes? Truth is, I love these little girlish elements, and I don't think I'll be giving any of it up anytime soon. ;D

Hello hello! This is Angie! I've watched Brenda struggle with what to write all through our philsophy tutorial, so I've decided to step in as she annoyingly & badly imitates me in the corner. Doesn't she look amazing? I love this skirt & I spent much of this morning looking at those lavender socks & thinking 'Awwww! How adorable!'. We just had free sausage sizzle, which meant the line was quite long, with Brenda & I were some of the only people dressed in some sort of color!. Next to everyone else's blacks, greys & navy blues, we stood out. Oh, and we both sort of matched each other - we're both wearing bright pink liptsticks :D