adventures at ikea

Modcloth top / handmade skirt / Valleygirl belt / Zara sandals

(Photos by Angie)

Angie and I went to Ikea the other day! You know how the cool kids in all the '80s movies go to the mall to 'hang out'? We're sort of like that, except for us, Ikea means FOOD, and the actual hanging out bit is distantly secondary in importance. Does that sound mean? The truth is, if they didn't sell (preposterously cheap) food at Ikea, we'd probably never go. At least they've got their loss leader sorted out.

So here's our day in pictures:

I want this bedspread! The only reason I didn't buy it myself that day is just because it's entirely too practical to spend with my own money. All of my money is wasted on frivolity, not on things like napkins or toilet plungers or, god forbid, bedspreads! My plan is to come back with my mom one day, and 'discover' it! And then she'll buy it for me. :D

Getting better at mirror-shots! It's good because then antisocial us won't have ask strangers to take our pictures. Because Ikea is the perfect backdrop for camwhoring! Where've you been?!

Oh my goodness, the ridiculous carrot! I'm keeping this upside-down carrot shot for posterity. The green leaf bit is supposed to be his shorts! Who comes up with these things?!

Lunch! i.e. The entire point of our trip. How do they make what are essentially reheated meatballs taste so good? I'll keep eating them even when I'm full, just because they're in front of me and they're soo delicious... They probably don't even sell them in Sweden, just keep fattening up the Aussies. Not that I'm complaining.

There was a bin of dragon hand-puppets (seriously, whose idea?) next to our table...

We call this 'The Britney.'

We also did a bit of thrifting afterwards. I can only assume that this is an example of some sort of Amish BDSM romance genre? I like how it's described as "shocking."