pancake day

Etam Weekend top / ASOS skirt / Dorothy Perkins belt / Seychelles boots

Photos by Cassie

So these pictures are from...a month ago. I know I know -- such a bad blogger!

Anyway, so this was our day in the city -- a celebration for getting our exam results, passing everything, and the impending 2+ months of holidays!

We had lunch at Pancakes on the Rocks, and oh my goodness the chocolate pancakes...freaking amazing. We also gorged on wedges and pizza. It's nice to dine with fellow gluttons, doesn't make me look so bad in comparison. ;D

We hung out a bit at QVB, the Christmas decorations there were crazy -- here's us at the base of the three-storey light-up tree.

We had an old guy take our picture who evidently wasn't super skilled with cameras, so there's his finger in the middle of the shot. Keeping it for posterity!

And then we hung out for a while in Hyde Park. I've noticed that whenever we don't make concrete plans to do stuff, we always end up sitting in some random spot taking pictures.

This is Oli, he's from the UK!

And Cassie, who takes many of my outfit photos!

There was a guy in a tux, playing the Star Wars theme on his cello (!!), sitting across from us. Wedding bells from the nearby church kept drowning him out, and not for the first time, I resented the existence of weddings.

I have no idea what we were talking about here, but it must've been hilarious and/or mean. We have a slightly twisted sense of humor.

Gorgeous Cassie again!

And a silly photoshoot because what else are you supposed to do with a camera?!

Here's us getting Boost juice at Westfield.

And finally, hanging out and taking pictures by Town Hall. Us saying "OH MWOI GWOHHHHD" in a completely overdone posh English accent.

So basically, the day was lunch at Pancakes, then five hours of aimless wandering around. Not too bad. :)