day one

SES top / thrifted vintage skirt / ASOS belt / Zara sandals

Here's a super casual and comfortable outfit for a hot and muggy first day back at uni. And cheap; let me calculate!

The top is from SES (known for dirt cheap basics in every color imaginable), and I got it on sale for $4. The skirt was $5 from Vinnies -- originally an awkward '80s calf-length which I hemmed into a mini. The belt was a freebie that came with a skirt. And the sandals were a bargain at $10 from one of those members only shopping sites. Not bad for $20. :)

(Nail polish: China Glaze 'High Hopes')

Uni today was pretty good, except for the whole 9am lecture thing. Just the whole idea of being awake and/or alert that early in the morning is still a little bit foreign to me, having gotten used to three months straight of waking up at 10, then spending the rest of the day lounging. Even though it was amazing not having any real priorities for so long, I feel good about being productive again. Seriously, bring on the essays!!!! (I'll regret saying this. Hahaha...)