Valleygirl top / American Apparel skirt / Zara sandals

A simple, all-cotton outfit for a day under the hot summer sun. And might I bring your attention to my shiny, sweaty face? Beautiful, I know -- you don't even need to say it. ;D

Two posts in two days -- amazing right? The last couple months I've gotten a bit jaded from blogging, especially the whole 'take pictures of outfits and talk about it' thing. It just seemed a little...ridiculous, to be honest. It was like a game of seeing how many times I could write essentially the same thing in different posts: "Oh I just love this skirt, it's so full and romantic and I can't stop twirling!" "Bright colors is so my thing, I can't understand why people would want to wear black all the time!" And now I'm just mocking myself.

But the point is, the prospect of writing more substantial content is what's helped me get past this slump. I want to write more about what I'm doing and the things on my mind -- while keeping outfit commentary to a minimum. I kept a journal for five years when I was younger, and I miss being able to vent at the end of each day...so I decided that the blog is going to be a journal-of-sorts from now on.

I'll still post plenty of outfits, it's just that they'll be accompanied by more personal text. :)

I got my volunteer ID card for Mardi Gras today! I almost got lost trying to find the training room, you know the brisk but casual, "I know exactly where I'm going" walk? Yeah, I faked that haha. I ended up going in the wrong direction; this is what you do when that happens to you. Stop suddenly, check your phone like you just got a text (or pretend to take a call, and say, "I'll meet you in a sec!"), then turn around and walk purposefully in the opposite/correct direction. They'll never know... ;D