summer in the city

thrifted H&M top / American Apparel skirt / Keds shoes

These are the black clothes I own: two cardigans, a shirt, and this skirt. So today, I'm essentially wearing 25% of the black in my wardrobe.

Photos by Angie

We went to Max Brenner again! Basically the most delicious chocolate cafe...other than Guylian, of course. :D

A nail polish that Angie got me for my birthday. It's "Divine Swine" from the OPI Muppets collection. My obsession for glittery nail polish is still going strong!

This is pretty much the only way we can get all three of us in a picture together. We're at The Gap.

My gorgeous friend Angie! Here she is being my model while I get the camera settings right for outfit photos.

There were too many people at Pitt Street Mall so we went over to Hyde Park, which is one of our favorite places for sitting around doing nothing.

Oli at St. James station. We like to pretend that this is a work of modern art entitled, "The Loneliness of Existence." The fluorescent lighting = the artificiality of life. The missing tiles on the wall = the futility of seeking perfection. The neverending tunnel = the ultimate pointlessness of our goals. I guess? I just made that up...haha. As long as you have some pseudo-deep and intellectual explanation, you can turn anything into a work of art. The only reason we decided to do this photo was because nobody else was other explanation.

We always end up coming to the Opera House! Oli being a tourist in front of the Harbour Bridge.

Oli's photography skills have improved in leaps and bounds! Here's my favorite photo that he took today; my legs look miles long! :D

On the way home, the most annoying song ever came up on shuffle. I like Coldplay, but that song just grates. It may have something to do with the endless repetition of "para-para-paradise." Urghghghg.

Oh, and my phone is awesome, if I do say so myself...!