on love, on life

H&M top / ASOS skirt & belt / Nine West shoes

The video that I'm sharing today is a clip from the movie Before Sunrise, which I watched for the first time the other day, and oh my goodness, it's absolutely brilliant. I normally don't go for romantic movies because the entire genre is pretty much saturated with mediocrity (re: crap) so it's difficult to find the gems, but on the other hand, in the rare instances when I do, it's all the more rewarding.

Anyway, this movie is rather thin plot-wise (two strangers meet on a train and decide to spend the day/night together in Vienna), and it's completely dialogue-driven; that's part of the charm though, it's real and raw but wonderfully enchanting.

So this is the listening booth scene (!). It makes me blush like crazy and I can't stop smiling because I know exactly what it feels like...and the song is perfect too. :)

I wanted to share this video/movie not just because I adore the scene, but because it really truly changed my perspectives on things.

First, that the relationships which end up meaning the most are the ones that change you. The characters in the movie spend, at most, 14 hours together, but by the end, you can tell that they're different from when they first met. You might know a person for years, but if they haven't affected you, haven't changed you in some way, then when all's said and done, they didn't really matter.

We truly are the sum total of our experiences and relationships. Each one of them molds us, shapes us, changes us. I don't believe in souls; is there really a basic essence of 'us' that remains untouched though? Like if you stripped away all of the life that we've lived, is there a 'core' that remains, unmistakably and unchangeably and distinctly 'us'? I personally don't believe so; for me, it's our experiences and relationships that make us unique; we are the things that happen to us.

Another thing, it taught me that being cynical might not be such a good idea after all. I've always felt 'special' for being a bit of a cynic; like I'm part of this exclusive club that sees the world for what it really is, as opposed to everyone else whose views are obscured by rose-colored glasses. Where everyone saw an illusion, I saw the truth.

But...cynicism takes the all the wonder out of the world and it makes life just a little less exciting. Remember how immense and magical the world seemed when we were children? As we transition into adulthood, I think it's important to hang on to even a tiny bit of that childlike naïveté, to keep life as rich as we'd always imagined.

We treat life as if it lasts forever, but it's not like we can go back and start over if we're unsatisfied. We can only do it once, and I don't think that it's worth wasting. Life may ultimately be meaningless, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. And we shouldn't let cynicism make it any less so either.


a bit of philosophy

Louche cardigan / Temt top / Glassons skirt / ASOS shoes

Lately my photos have all been taken on the sidewalk in front of my house. My mom does them for me right before I leave for uni, and we've basically got it down to a science. 60-80 shots in two minutes: fully bodies, half bodies, outfit details, closeups...no problem. As much as I like variety in my backdrops, most of the time I just can't be bothered lugging my camera around all day, waiting for the perfect moment. Plus, I like to look nice and fresh in my photos, which is much more likely in morning shoots than afternoon ones...doing them when I'm hot and tired and grumpy -- not the best fun in the world, for me or my photographer. ;D

I've been truly awful about wearing this skirt; I've had it since probably September last year and this is only the second time I've worn it! As absolutely gorgeous as it is, and as much as I adore it, I'm so anal about the pleats staying perfect that the prospect of having to worry about it all day means that it never ends up leaving my closet.

This type of issue is very much prevalent in other areas of my life -- I'm such a perfectionist that if I feel like I can't do something right, I won't even try it at all. It's like I'm so afraid of failure that I'll never do anything exciting with my life, which is a waste of a life...and that would be the ultimate failure.

Gaaahh, how does a rant about skirts turn into a philosophical reflection?! Haha... But my point is, eventually I got over my paralyzing fear of wearing this skirt by letting go of my insecurity and deciding simply not to care if the pleats were wrong. And I know that a skirt isn't exactly congruent to a life, but for me it's a step in the right direction, so I'll take it. :)

a quiet rebellion

Poof Excellence top / Topshop jeans / Nine West shoes

Trying to blog while watching the Walking Dead season finale is a little impossible! It's hard to tear myself away when there's been more action in the first ten minutes than pretty much the entire rest of the season combined. In other TV news, the fact that Community is back makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) :)

So this outfit is all about breaking rules and deviating from the norm. Not that it was really a conscious decision though, since I skipped my 9am lecture in favor of an extra hour of sleep -- really didn't feel like putting much of an effort in getting dressed. Some things that I don't normally do: leave my shirt untucked, and wear my hair down completely. I also read this style rule somewhere, that you shouldn't wear pointed-toe heels with skinny jeans, because apparently it makes your feet look really big? So I suppose I broke that rule?

As you can see by the lack of roots, I dyed my hair again! This time, in addition to my old colors, I put in some purple, but it mixed with the teal and those bits ended up a more true-blue sort of shade. I don't mind though; I kind of like the fact that my hair turns out differently every time I dye it.

Guess what? My uni work keeps piling up! Shocking! What else am I supposed to expect, being in my final year?! I just finished an assignment, and now this week I've got to write out a proposal (and a presentation) for an individual research project, do an absolutely crapload of readings for tutes (in one of which I have a presentation)...and I feel like I'm missing something and I'll probably figure out what it is right before it's due! I'm just very much looking forward to the mid-semester (ie. 'catch-up-on-assignments') break soon!

city day st. mary's

Modcloth top / Topshop skirt, belt, sandals

Oh wow, so here are some old photos! These were taken back during the summer holidays the day we went to Nando's for lunch and hung out/goofed off/blasphemed a bit at St. Mary's Cathedral. Because that's what we do.

pop of purple

Arizona top / ASOS skirt / Pieces belt / Nine West shoes

Photos by Angie


Avocado cardigan / Etam Weekend top / American Apparel skirt / ASOS shoes

I feel like I've worn many many many variations of this same outfit, but it's just the sort of thing that I like, so...not giving it up. :D Nails are OPI Mermaid's Tears and China Glaze Re-fresh Mint.

Just a quick post for today since I procrastinated again and suddenly have an essay due in six days!


mardi gras parade 2012

Last Saturday was the Mardi Gras parade! The parade itself didn't start until 7pm, but we volunteers had to show up at 1:30 to prepare everything beforehand. It was fascinating to see the whole production come together from backstage. We did all our work in Hyde Park, which was where the parade began and where all the participants hung out while waiting for their floats.

My volunteer-buddy, MJ, and I.

The media people kind of took over our tent; here's a reporter from the ABC getting her access pass.

Parade performers!

The super-secret (not really) entrance for media and volunteers. One of my favorite parts about volunteering was being able to flash my ID and enter all the restricted access areas.

More parade participants. Let me tell you, and I'm not exaggerating, it rained all day. Sometimes misting, sometimes drizzling, sometimes all out showering, but the rain didn't let up until at least 10pm. So that kind of put a damper (pun intended!) on the whole operation.

You know at outdoor events with a lot of people, there'll usually be a row of porta-potties for them to use? Well, on Saturday I learned about porta-urinals. I'm assuming that's what they're called, I have no idea. Anyway, when I first came upon them, there was no one around and it honestly took me several minutes to figure out what they were. I thought they were an art installation, oh my god.

Anyway, here's a snapshot of the porta-urinals in use.

The parade's about to begin!

Dykes on bikes

A self-portrait at the end of my shift.

The radio that I got to wear! It made me feel all awesome and official, but you don't know how terrifying it was in the beginning when I had no idea how to use it and kept dreading getting called.

My Chucks were soaked through by the end of the night. Should've brought a spare pair of socks!

Our payment for the day's work: a volunteer t-shirt, modeled here by MJ.