mardi gras parade 2012

Last Saturday was the Mardi Gras parade! The parade itself didn't start until 7pm, but we volunteers had to show up at 1:30 to prepare everything beforehand. It was fascinating to see the whole production come together from backstage. We did all our work in Hyde Park, which was where the parade began and where all the participants hung out while waiting for their floats.

My volunteer-buddy, MJ, and I.

The media people kind of took over our tent; here's a reporter from the ABC getting her access pass.

Parade performers!

The super-secret (not really) entrance for media and volunteers. One of my favorite parts about volunteering was being able to flash my ID and enter all the restricted access areas.

More parade participants. Let me tell you, and I'm not exaggerating, it rained all day. Sometimes misting, sometimes drizzling, sometimes all out showering, but the rain didn't let up until at least 10pm. So that kind of put a damper (pun intended!) on the whole operation.

You know at outdoor events with a lot of people, there'll usually be a row of porta-potties for them to use? Well, on Saturday I learned about porta-urinals. I'm assuming that's what they're called, I have no idea. Anyway, when I first came upon them, there was no one around and it honestly took me several minutes to figure out what they were. I thought they were an art installation, oh my god.

Anyway, here's a snapshot of the porta-urinals in use.

The parade's about to begin!

Dykes on bikes

A self-portrait at the end of my shift.

The radio that I got to wear! It made me feel all awesome and official, but you don't know how terrifying it was in the beginning when I had no idea how to use it and kept dreading getting called.

My Chucks were soaked through by the end of the night. Should've brought a spare pair of socks!

Our payment for the day's work: a volunteer t-shirt, modeled here by MJ.