my socks match the grass

Avocado cardigan / Poof Excellence top / Topshop skirt / ASOS socks / Mossimo shoes

Photos by Angie

I'm blogging from my bed right now because it's been raining nonstop for the last several hours and I just don't want to face it! I have to go into uni for five minutes today to sell a textbook, and I'm dreading having to slog through the rain. I probably won't end up taking pictures of that particular (sensible) outfit, so here's what I wore yesterday.

My yesterday went like this: spent a few hours in the library catching up on readings (wooo secularization theory!), ate sushi train with some peeps, and then had a tute in the afternoon. An hour of class a day, that's uni for you. :D

This is the sort of outfit I want to wear all the time nowadays, with the collared shirts (which means more polos and button-ups) and a-line pencil-ish skirts! I'm so inspired by the whole New England Ivy League preppy aesthetic, think Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Fred Perry, etc. What can I say, I want to look clean and expensive...and maybe a bit less like a little girl!