a quiet rebellion

Poof Excellence top / Topshop jeans / Nine West shoes

Trying to blog while watching the Walking Dead season finale is a little impossible! It's hard to tear myself away when there's been more action in the first ten minutes than pretty much the entire rest of the season combined. In other TV news, the fact that Community is back makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) :)

So this outfit is all about breaking rules and deviating from the norm. Not that it was really a conscious decision though, since I skipped my 9am lecture in favor of an extra hour of sleep -- really didn't feel like putting much of an effort in getting dressed. Some things that I don't normally do: leave my shirt untucked, and wear my hair down completely. I also read this style rule somewhere, that you shouldn't wear pointed-toe heels with skinny jeans, because apparently it makes your feet look really big? So I suppose I broke that rule?

As you can see by the lack of roots, I dyed my hair again! This time, in addition to my old colors, I put in some purple, but it mixed with the teal and those bits ended up a more true-blue sort of shade. I don't mind though; I kind of like the fact that my hair turns out differently every time I dye it.

Guess what? My uni work keeps piling up! Shocking! What else am I supposed to expect, being in my final year?! I just finished an assignment, and now this week I've got to write out a proposal (and a presentation) for an individual research project, do an absolutely crapload of readings for tutes (in one of which I have a presentation)...and I feel like I'm missing something and I'll probably figure out what it is right before it's due! I'm just very much looking forward to the mid-semester (ie. 'catch-up-on-assignments') break soon!