thrifted Ally cardigan / Etam Weekend top / ASOS skirt / eBay socks / Mossimo shoes

I'm a bit swamped in assignments at the moment -- the mid-semester break just finished and, as always, I spent those entire two weeks procrastinating. Funny how due dates seem so much closer this side of the break! Because of that, and the constant rain lately, my outfits have been more comfort-oriented and I haven't touched my heels in other words, not really worth photographing.

Here are some photos from last week, when my mom and I went to the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. This was my first time visiting, I'm such an oblivious nut that I had no idea that there was even anything inside -- I thought it was just a big mausoleum-y statue thing. Anyway, moving on from my utter stupidity, I managed to get some photos on the inside.

There were some people setting up to shoot a documentary or news segment. It's always interesting to see what's written on the teleprompter...

Finally, we did a bit of shopping and had lunch at Wagamama.