summer's tail

Valleygirl cardigan / American Apparel skirt / Wittner sandals / AJ Morgan sunglasses Photos by Oli

These photos are from a couple days ago, Oli took them for the first time so that's a big milestone! I remember several months ago when I tried to get him to take my outfit photos...we did a few tests shots and they turned out terrible, haha! The composition was off, everything was crooked and/or blurry, and it basically got the point where if my entire body was in the shot, then I counted it as a success. Since then I've been making him practice; when we go on an outing, most of the time the camera's around his neck. (Although that might just be because I don't like carrying it around when I'm shopping...but let's just say it's for his own good...haha) He's improved so much since then; sure, there are the (frequent) blurry missteps, but I think these pictures speak for themselves. :)

I'm always lazy about updating the blog whenever I don't have something urgent or awesome to share. Like I get so excited whenever I have a philosophical revelation that I'll have to type it up at that very moment because I'm terrified that I'll forget it. Those kinds of entries get churned in minutes; it's the textually-nothingy posts that take absolutely aaages to post. In those cases, I'm torn between sharing the banal details of my daily existence, or nothing at all. Nowadays, I'd usually just post the pictures without text, because honestly I bore myself to tears even contemplating the idea of writing about pedestrian activities like going to uni, eating lunch, or browsing ONTD (guilty pleasure!) instead of working on multiple assignments.

So instead of that, I'll talk about something that made my day last week. I saw a guy on campus wearing a Magnitude 'Pop Pop!' shirt! Community is one of my absolute favorite shows and I hate how underappreciated it is. I'm so grateful for the thriving online fanbase because nobody I know here watches it, and it's a shame because it's truly one of the most imaginative, innovative, multilayered, hilarious, clever, and all-around good shows on TV. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it; here are some videos you should watch!