sydney royal easter show '12

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is equal parts carnival and county fair. To be honest, neither of those things are really very much me; the fact that I'm absurdly susceptible to motion-sickness and that my hay fever makes me pretty much allergic to all of nature, means that I'm the worst sort of party pooper for an outing like this. But since I hadn't been in a few years, I decided to suck up my misgivings...and ended up having a great time. :)

First we took a tour of the animal pens. We had fun creating the illusion of stroking the cows from five feet away.

Oh my goodness, alpacas are the most adorable creatures! Are they a common farm animal that nobody bothered to tell me about? Because they seemed like a somewhat random add-on to the horses, cows, pigs, and goats on display.

Then to the rides, but first, a refreshment. This enormous cup of lemonade was gone in 30 seconds.

And there's my outfit shot of the day. ;) Barkins shirt, Cotton On shorts, thrifted belt, Sperrys shoes, AJ Morgan sunnies... haha!

Aaand, doing what we do best: trying on hats! This will never get old, haha.

This was when I learned that woodworking is weirdly hypnotic. Cassie and I spent about five solid minutes standing dumbly watching this guy, completely transfixed. Even now, I have no idea was he was making...that's a cliffhanger that will haunt me for the rest of my days. ;)

These pictures were taken in the arts and crafts/food competition pavilion. It was here that I was very much struck by how quaintly rural and small-towny the Easter Show truly is. I had no idea that people still held baking contests, you know, for things like best scones or best fruitcakes or best banana bread, but sure enough, there were hundreds of breads and pastries set up in display cases, with ribbons sitting jauntily atop the prize-winners.

But the best bit...cake decorating!

Our last major stop was the food dome. Can you say SAMPLES?! Our dinner consisted of miniscule portions of garlic bread, string cheese, tuna paella, honey, so many varieties of dukkah and salsa dip, olive oil, nougat, iced coffee, tea, candy, and I don't even know what else. It definitely helped soothe the sting of the ridiculous entrance prices. ;D

We ended up walking around for nearly six hours, and despite not going on any rides or buying any showbags (shockhorror!), we had a blast! The Easter Show is not something that I'd go to every year, just because really, how much can it possibly change from one year to the next? But it's definitely nice as a once-in-a-while thing.