double denim

A Wear jacket / thrifted Ladahk sweater / J. Crew top / thrifted Cheap Monday jeans / Chucks

On my Chucks, you see how the tongue is so much darker than the sides? Well...I have a story for that. I got these shoes years ago on clearance for around $20 at TJ Maxx. The tongue was originally pastel pink, but with me being the consummate rebel, that was something that I simply couldn't tolerate. So I mixed a bunch of my paints to create a shade of brown that perfectly matched the shoes, painted the tongue. Nowadays I don't have any problem with wearing pink, but it's interesting to see how my shoes have frayed and faded over the years. I also painted a curlique design in silver on the side of my left shoe; that happened back during my obsession with customizing all my clothes a few years.

One time I basically went beserk and decorated the crap out of a pair of jeans. Acrylic paint, puffy paint, glitter paint, patches, splatters, holes -- you name it, I did it. There wasn't a single inch of blank denim; it was all just so garishly colorful...I absolutely loved it. I wore them all the time, especially at school, but then they started enforcing the dress code policy which said you couldn't wear jeans that showed skin (essentially, no holes). So I went around that by wearing fishnet tights underneath.

Here's a picture where you can kind of see them...

This was my sophomore year drama class, the day we got our class t-shirts. And five years later, I still have it! A cyclops cat on the front (our teacher had a one-eyed cat), and on the baack, all of us as animals (drawn by a ridiculously talented classmate), sprouting our classroom in-jokes and secret catch-phrases. I'm the llama on the far left saying, "This is the age of Aquarius," because my favorite musical was/is Hair.

Anyway, back to the jeans. I loved them to bits, and swore that I'd wear them for all eternity. I even inspired my friend to do the same with her jeans; you can see a bit of it in the class picture above. She's the other girl with paint on her jeans, haha. Needless to say, when I think about it now, it seems so silly... But I can't really put myself down for it, as it's just another instance of my adolescent search for identity.