look twice

A Wear jacket / Barkins shirt / Topshop jeans / thrifted belt / Nine West shoes

I'd never really considered this spot in my backyard to be a very good place to take outfit photos. Since it's in the shade, the grass is always damp which makes it not the most pleasant place to prance around in heels. But they were doing construction this morning in my usual photo spot, so this was a bit of a last resort...and I'm so happy, because this has to be my new favorite place! It's surprisingly photogenic considering the fact that in real life, it generally looks like an miniature jungle of overgrown weeds, which is why I've always overlooked it. It kind of makes me wonder what other treasures I've disregarded because my attitude was stupid and shallow at that particular moment...

In other news, I got back a major assignment today (the one on the history of secularism) -- 90%! You have no idea how much this means to me. In Australia, 75+ is considered extremely good, and it's what I always aim for; long story short, it doesn't happen very often for me, but this time it did, and I'm shocked and ecstatic at how big of a margin I passed it by! I thought it was a typo when I saw it on my paper; I honestly believed my tutor meant to write '70%' but then the 7 came out funny. The revelation that it was, in fact, a 9, resulted in a few more minor mental heart attacks...the good kind, of course. ;D I'd figured that it would've been pretty obnoxious to celebrate/brag while in class, so I'm doing it now on this blog. Ahhh...I'm pretty much completely content with my life right now... :)