on photography

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Today at lunch, a couple girls came up to us and asked to do an interview for an assignment they had, about the relationship between technology and people, I think. The question they asked was, "Why do you take pictures?" It's only now, as I'm writing this post that I realize that even though obviously there's no correct answer, they were probably looking for an answer like 'to preserve memories' or something, but my little ramble veered in a completely random direction. In my defense, it's a little unnerving to put on the spot like that, especially because I had so much to say and wanted to do it justice.

I subconsciously changed the subject from 'taking pictures' to 'photography,' and had a little spiel about it being a creative outlet for me...I love it because I'm not obligated to do it, and even though there's a lot work involved to get the perfect shot, for me it's about the fun more than anything. I love having something to strive for, something to work towards; I'm constantly looking to better myself, and everyday is a learning experience. And, on a more superficial level, who doesn't love lusting after things? In addition to designer shoes and handbags, I covet unattainably expensive cameras and lenses. One day, I want to have the talent and expertise (and money!) to be able to justify buying a thousand-dollar lens. I love having something to want, and having the determination to work for it.