Temt top / thrifted Marcs skirt / Miss Shop belt / Nine West shoes

Nothing makes me feel more ladylike than a modest-length skirt and grown-up pumps. Well, as ladylike as you can be with bright blue hair, anyway.

Here are few internet-y things I've discovered recently and wanted to share...

Find out where you sit on the political compass! I've taken the test twice and got two different results. One was slightly right of center, the other slightly left, but both were very hard libertarian. And it only just connected with me that my political views correspond quite closely with Ron Paul's. But my most fascinating discovery was how similar Obama's political views are to those of the Republican candidates. Yet another reminder that regardless of who ends up winning, it'll pretty much just be more of the same...

This is the weirdest website that inexplicably works: You Are Listening To. It's basically a live feed of police radio reports layered over ambient odd combination, but it's incredibly relaxing...and dare I say, a little bit poignant? I'm quite partial to Chicago, there's always something going on as opposed to LA or Montreal where you're likely to have 10-minute silences between reports. It's somewhat disconcerting to admit that I'm very much enjoying the perpetual crime and violence in Chicago, but I suppose if anything deserves a silver lining, that certainly does.

This is one of the most amazing, heartful, beautiful, and inspiring short films I've ever seen. It's amazing how emotional a couple of moon pimples can make you, especially in the span of under five minutes, but this video does it. I'm not really sure how else to describe it, so JUST WATCH IT! :)