Photos by Cassie

For the last picture, we used a sunglass lens as a filter; you can kind of see the green of the frame in the bottom right-hand corner.

She's got the fashion blogger pose down perfectly!

A Wear jacket
Zara sweater
Poof Excellence top
Topshop jeans
Opening Ceremony boots


thrifted Ally cardigan / Hollister shirt / vintage skirt / Forever New tights / Opening Ceremony boots / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

I finally updated my about me page! The old one was still talking about blue hair silliness, and I'd been putting off updating it because frankly I'm horrible at talking about myself. I had a nothing-day today so I finally sucked it up and did it. Not as bad as I expected! :)

I also did a mini closet cleanout and listed a few things on eBay. Dresses and skirts by Topshop, ASOS, Revival, and Dangerfield in sizes 6 and 8, have a look!

These boots were an impulse splurge, there's no getting around it. I can wax poetic about 60% off and free shipping, but those would just be feeble attempts to justify the crime. So, I'm not going to do that; I take full responsibility and hope for my own sake that I curb the online shopping for the near future. There, I feel better now. ;D


I hope you've gotten used to the fact that the things I write usually have nothing to do with what I'm wearing. I just find it much more useful to keep a capsule-type thing of where my mind is at any particular time, so nowadays my blog is essentially an online diary with some outfit shots thrown in.

I knew a boy who only read non-fiction books because, according to him, fiction was a waste of time. At first I was absolutely scandalized (this was back during my book-a-day phase), and honestly it took me several years before I began to appreciate the value of non-fiction. Once I did...I completely understood his argument. What's the point of reading a novel when a non-fiction book can be just as interesting? Add on the fact that non-fiction is intellectually stimulating and you come out of it with your brain bursting with new knowledge. Why waste time on fantasy when the real world is just as rich and complex...and actually useful?

I spent a while in this mindset, kicking myself for feeling so arrogant. It took reading a novel (for the first time in months) to get me out of the funk. I guess I'd completely forgotten that intellectual stimulation isn't the only incentive to do something. Which is incredibly obvious, now that I think about it; life's too short to have to come up with some noble, high-minded reason for pursuing an interest, it should be as simple as, "I like it, that's why I'm doing it." And that's how I welcomed fiction back into my life.

I feel that this idea also applies to aspects of wider society. Why do we constantly belittle the people who are into Jersey Shore, celebrity magazines, Kardashians, The Big Bang Theory, silly action movies, and Dan Brown books? Why can't the simple pursuit of pleasure be motivation enough? And when it is, why can't we accept that? I believe that life should be about filling it with things that make you happy (regardless of how much or little you learn in the process)...and if Jersey Shore does it for you, no judgments.

thrifted vintage Review dress
Target tights
Alice Hannah scarf
ASOS shoes

how i edit in photoshop 7

Photoshop is part of my photography process, and I love to do what I can to make my photos look as good as possible. Nothing too dramatic, just a few subtle tweaks here and there to make them pop.

This (very simple) tutorial of sorts is what I've found works for me; I have to put out the disclaimer that your results may vary...but in the end, it's all about trial and error and experimenting until you find something that's tailored to your own needs.

Here's the original image, straight out of the camera.

Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels

I've found that, depending on the lighting of my photos, Auto Levels can completely screw up the colors. In those cases, I'll use Auto Contrast, which basically does the same thing but without altering the colors at all.

Image > Adjustments > Levels

These are the settings I used. Of course, you should experiment with the sliders to see what works for you. The black arrow controls the darker shades, the white arrow corresponds to the lighter. Slide the black towards the center to make darks darker; conversely, slide the white to the center to make lights lighter. Center arrow = midtones; slide towards the black arrow to darken, towards the white to lighten.

I'm guilty of abusing the Levels tool a bit, but I just love the heightened contrast it creates; none of that washed-out vintage look for me, thanks! ;D

Before and after levels adjustment:

Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color:

At this stage, sometimes the photo can look a little 'cold,' so I warm it up with a layer of yellow/orange/rust. This is what I mean by cold; if I could go back and edit those photos to make them a little warmer, I definitely would. As it stands, though, it's a lesson learned. Warmth is happy and friendly and inviting; cold, not so much.

Before and after fill layer:

And that's it! It really doesn't take much more than minimal effort to make some subtle edits -- that's really all you need for nice, natural, professional-looking photos.

Here's the overall before and after again:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)


MAK cardigan / thrifted Witchery top / Valleygirl belt / handmade skirt / Barkins tights / Mossimo shoes

bubblegum pink

vintage jacket / SES cardigan / Cotton On top / TFNC skirt / Valleygirl belt / Expression shoes

After having gotten used to wearing smaller, plainer, and generally less flashy skirts, this one is so over the top that it almost feels like a costume. Not that it makes much of a difference to the people around me -- I rarely ever go truly casual, so they most likely already assume that I wear costumes every day. That's not the very worst assumption that people can make about me, so I'll take it, ha.

It reminds me of an outfit I wore around Halloween last year (click!); I went into a store and the sales lady said, "Wow, it's so nice to see people all dressed up for Halloween!" I told her it wasn't a costume, and she went bright red and started apologizing profusely, which I laughed off. I have so many amusing anecdotes about people reacting to my clothes (and my hair when it was blue), like two separate instances of people trying to take secret pictures of my outfit with their phones -- I should've just directed them here.

e pluribus anus

A Wear jacket / thrifted Ally cardigan / OtherTees t-shirt / AA skirt / ASOS socks / Seychelles boots

I normally don't do graphic tees, but I'm way too much of a Community fan to have given up this deal, this tee was only $12! On the weird side, it's completely whacked out my style -- where have all the colors gone?! Haha, that might actually have more to do with the fact that I had my last exam today and wasn't much in the mood to put together a new fashion masterpiece. ;D As of right now, I've officially finished the semester, and now have a month and a half of sweet, sweet holidays ahead of me.

There are so many things I've set aside to do, some of which I've listed below the jump.


A Wear jacket / Louche cardigan / ASOS shirt, belt, skirt / Target tights / Zara shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (Photos by Cassie)

Cassie, Oli, and I celebrated the (almost!) end of the semester with lunch at a burger place in Newtown and the Vivid Sydney light show at Circular Quay in the evening.

We arrived at Circular Quay about an hour before Vivid was scheduled to start, so we spent a while looking for ways to kill time. We narrowly missed free entry for the Museum of Contemporary Art (by six minutes!), but they were giving free tours of the wildlife conservation ship, Sea Shepherd, so we jumped at that.

And, of course, a requisite shot of the Opera House. It's just what you do! :)

I went a bit snap-happy aboard the ship and couldn't resist a shot of a random potted plant sitting on the deck, haha.

By the time we finished the tour, it had become quite chilly, so we headed off to Guylian for gourmet hot chocolates.

I got a chocolate coffee with whipped cream. (so delicious.....)

And finally, time for the lights! I didn't actually end up getting very many (usable) shots because my camera isn't super amazing at night photography, and I felt that using flash would've cheapened the effect of the lights a bit. I did manage to shoot a short video of some of the projections that were shown on the surface of the Opera House.