A Wear jacket / Louche cardigan / ASOS shirt, belt, skirt / Target tights / Zara shoes / Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (Photos by Cassie)

Cassie, Oli, and I celebrated the (almost!) end of the semester with lunch at a burger place in Newtown and the Vivid Sydney light show at Circular Quay in the evening.

We arrived at Circular Quay about an hour before Vivid was scheduled to start, so we spent a while looking for ways to kill time. We narrowly missed free entry for the Museum of Contemporary Art (by six minutes!), but they were giving free tours of the wildlife conservation ship, Sea Shepherd, so we jumped at that.

And, of course, a requisite shot of the Opera House. It's just what you do! :)

I went a bit snap-happy aboard the ship and couldn't resist a shot of a random potted plant sitting on the deck, haha.

By the time we finished the tour, it had become quite chilly, so we headed off to Guylian for gourmet hot chocolates.

I got a chocolate coffee with whipped cream. (so delicious.....)

And finally, time for the lights! I didn't actually end up getting very many (usable) shots because my camera isn't super amazing at night photography, and I felt that using flash would've cheapened the effect of the lights a bit. I did manage to shoot a short video of some of the projections that were shown on the surface of the Opera House.