I hope you've gotten used to the fact that the things I write usually have nothing to do with what I'm wearing. I just find it much more useful to keep a capsule-type thing of where my mind is at any particular time, so nowadays my blog is essentially an online diary with some outfit shots thrown in.

I knew a boy who only read non-fiction books because, according to him, fiction was a waste of time. At first I was absolutely scandalized (this was back during my book-a-day phase), and honestly it took me several years before I began to appreciate the value of non-fiction. Once I did...I completely understood his argument. What's the point of reading a novel when a non-fiction book can be just as interesting? Add on the fact that non-fiction is intellectually stimulating and you come out of it with your brain bursting with new knowledge. Why waste time on fantasy when the real world is just as rich and complex...and actually useful?

I spent a while in this mindset, kicking myself for feeling so arrogant. It took reading a novel (for the first time in months) to get me out of the funk. I guess I'd completely forgotten that intellectual stimulation isn't the only incentive to do something. Which is incredibly obvious, now that I think about it; life's too short to have to come up with some noble, high-minded reason for pursuing an interest, it should be as simple as, "I like it, that's why I'm doing it." And that's how I welcomed fiction back into my life.

I feel that this idea also applies to aspects of wider society. Why do we constantly belittle the people who are into Jersey Shore, celebrity magazines, Kardashians, The Big Bang Theory, silly action movies, and Dan Brown books? Why can't the simple pursuit of pleasure be motivation enough? And when it is, why can't we accept that? I believe that life should be about filling it with things that make you happy (regardless of how much or little you learn in the process)...and if Jersey Shore does it for you, no judgments.

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