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This was what I wore for my last first day of uni. It's almost incomprehensible to me that I'll be finished with tertiary education at the end of this year. This is going to be me venting for a little while, but sometimes I just really want to hit myself for studying a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Along with the universal perception that it's a bullshit, dead end degree, it's also incredibly nebulous. With most other degrees, they're specific enough so that you have a somewhat decent idea of what comes afterwards -- like law, accounting, architecture, nursing, etc. Like if you're studying nursing, chances are you'll probably be working as a nurse sometime in the future. Knowing that is a nice safety net amidst all the fears and uncertainties about the future. In my case, I have absolutely no idea where I see myself in five years; a BA is so broad and all-encompassing that I'm pretty much petrified with indecision. I think it's human nature to want to seek things that are comfortable and reliable, it makes diving into the unknown a slightly less terrifying prospect.

Louche cardigan
Polo Ralph Lauren top
Topshop skirt
Forever New tights
Zara flats

wardrobe essentials

I can never tell whether it's personal style or just plain formulaic, that I've found what works for me and have stuck to it; I suppose it varies based on my optimism levels at that particular moment. In any case, here are some of the clothes that define my style and that I can't live without.

To be quite honest, I'm very unimaginative when it comes to dressing the top half of my body; most of my creativity goes into coming up with interesting combinations of skirts/belts/tights/shoes. Because of that, fitted tops in every color have been a real savior -- I love looking like I put in effort when I haven't. :)

I don't wear very much jewelry at all, so belts are about the extent of accessorizing for me. They add a great pop of interest or color to an outfit, and I love the way a skinny belt accentuates my waist. Oh, and I can't forget how useful they are at keeping a slightly-too-big skirt comfortable...and on me!

Fitted, cropped cardigans are one of my favorites because they help to fake a glamorous hourglass shape that I don't really have. I know that loose and baggy clothes can contribute to a certain style aesthetic, but I've personally never felt comfortable wearing that sort of look. I have no shame in subscribing to the normative ideals of beauty; I'm not out to be a revolutionary, I just want to look nice and blog about it.

Recently I've been inspired by preppy fashion, and collared shirts are a big fixture of that look. I used to be all about ruffled, peter pan, or sailor collars, and I find that it actually transitioned well to wearing tops with regular collars. Regular collared tops are more grown up, but they serve essentially the same purpose to me as ruffled/peter pan/sailor collars: they add interest to the neck area as I don't wear necklaces. And they're also a smart year-round staple: wear them on their own (with long sleeves rolled up) in summer, and layered under cozy sweaters in winter.

It took me a while to get into the habit of wearing white (or cream) tights on a regular basis because of all that Lolita/infantilizing/"they make your legs look fat!" stigma attached to them. But I've long gotten over that, and it continually amazes me how versatile they really are. I've been wearing them a lot lately, and sometimes I have to force myself to pick a different color. They're great as an unexpected neutral when black or navy tights become too pedestrian.

I love skinny heels too, but chunky heels are more casual and appropriate for everyday wear, especially when I know I'm going to be walking a bit that day. Wearing heels makes me feel more sophisticated and grown-up, they help me stand up straighter, and they've taught me to walk with purpose. Chunky heels make it easier for me to feel like an adult, haha.

And here are a few recent outfits with my wardrobe workhorses in action!

nooks, crannies, wide open spaces

thrifted Ally cardigan
Temt top / ASOS skirt
Forever New tights
Zara flats
Alphabet Bags tote
AJ Morgan sunglasses

(a slice of life) is it spring yet?

Topshop sandals Butter London nail polishes in Toff, Queen Vic, Slapper

A few new purchases that have got me excited for spring. Even though we didn't have much of a 'true' winter here in Sydney this year (it rarely fell below 16°C during the day), I'm so ready for short skirts, sandals, and bare legs.

I've also been drinking lots of orange juice! We have an orange tree in the backyard, and nothing tastes better than freshly-squeezed orange juice in the morning. We recently ran out of oranges from the tree and so have resorted to buying them by the crate; I go through at least five oranges a day for the juice.

putt putt

For some odd reason I've been hankering to play putt putt golf, so the other day Angie and I went to play it for the first time ever.

...We were pretty terrible. Well, Angie was actually not that bad (she got a few hole-in-ones!), but it devolved to the point where we were taking advantage of 'the wind' (read: our foot) to push the ball into more convenient locations. It was surprisingly fun though, and all I can think about now is my awful minigolf-deprived childhood! ;D

A Wear jacket
Chicabooti cardigan
J. Crew top
Topshop pants
Keds sneakers


Cassie and I went to the Biennale, an art exhibition housed in the various abandoned factories and buildings on Cockatoo Island. The whole set-up reminded me of the 798 art zone in Beijing, where an old and out-of-use industrial area was converted into a thriving creative community, with modern art installations dotting the district and galleries giving life to decaying spaces. Here are some of the highlights of our day.

(An enormous movie screen made from turkey feathers)
Hollister shirt / Topshop jeans / Zara flats / AJ Morgan sunglasses / Alphabet Bags tote

(An intruiging work about the plight of convicts)

(An absolutely enormous room filled with these paper creations)

(A carved-up shipping container)

(An interactive piece: feathers moved when you brushed against them, sensors made things light up)

(Mist machine shenanigans)

(The beautiful Sydney harbor)