Cassie and I went to the Biennale, an art exhibition housed in the various abandoned factories and buildings on Cockatoo Island. The whole set-up reminded me of the 798 art zone in Beijing, where an old and out-of-use industrial area was converted into a thriving creative community, with modern art installations dotting the district and galleries giving life to decaying spaces. Here are some of the highlights of our day.

(An enormous movie screen made from turkey feathers)
Hollister shirt / Topshop jeans / Zara flats / AJ Morgan sunglasses / Alphabet Bags tote

(An intruiging work about the plight of convicts)

(An absolutely enormous room filled with these paper creations)

(A carved-up shipping container)

(An interactive piece: feathers moved when you brushed against them, sensors made things light up)

(Mist machine shenanigans)

(The beautiful Sydney harbor)