(Photos by Angie)

Five years ago, while I was living in Mississippi, I walked into Payless and fell in love with a pair of shoes. They were round-toed mary janes in the loveliest muted moss green shade, with two straps, and gold strip at the bottom of each chunky heel. I'm sure you can visualize that. ;D

They were on sale for $26 (which was a minor fortune for my 15-year-old, $5/week-allowanced self), and I must've spent at least half an hour hemming and hawing, standing in the middle of the aisle with a shoe in each hand. Were they perfectly comfortable? Would I wear them often enough to justify spending so much on them? Did they go with my other clothes? Ultimately, I couldn't part with my money just yet, so I decided to spend a week thinking about whether or not I really needed them.

And, of course, as these things go, I went back the next week, and they were gone. I was so devastated! Or as devastated as one can be about shoes... I smacked myself for having let them go, but I got into a little zen moment and was able to convince myself that eventually I "won't even remember lusting after these shoes!"

It's strange how some of the most laughably insignificant moments of my life are the ones I remember best, because I never managed to forget those shoes. I eventually accepted the fact that they were the ones that got away, but still I couldn't help but feel a twinge of envy when I saw them worn by a random blogger. That random blogger was supposed to be me! Haha...

The moral of the story is that sometimes things actually work out like fate is real. When I found these black shoes in a secondhand shop today, a massive wave of happiness and nostalgia swept over me -- I didn't even care that they weren't green, my search had ended! Is it absurd to say that it felt like a little piece of me that was missing had finally come back? They're my long-lost children and I'm so happy to have them back again... :)

Temt cardigan
Zara top
ASOS skirt
thrifted Zushoes