Photos by Cassie

It's always a challenge to shoot in low-light situations; these photos were taken in the early evening. ISO knocked up to 800 is about as high as I can comfortably go, striking that perfect balance between graininess and blurriness. ;D

This is a comfy casual outfit for an afternoon at the movies. Does anyone else go movie-hopping? Pay for one movie and sneak into a second? Tickets cost an arm and a leg over here ($15.50 for students!), so we only ever go on $8 Mondays...but even then, it's barely worth it. So we make it worth our while. Today we watched Snow White and the Huntsman and Brave (last week was a double feature of The Avengers and Prometheus). We also squirrel away enormous Subway sandwiches instead of spending a fortune on concessions. To be honest, though, it's less about being life-on-the-edge rebels than simply the fact that we're poor uni students who can't afford entertainment at full price.

We hung out with Oli for the last time before he left, I will make a video about it and I'm writing it here so you can hold me to it!

J. Crew sweater & top
thrifted Cheap Monday jeans
Keds sneakers
Alphabet Bags tote