I got this skirt in the Topshop sale, along with many many other things; I don't usually buy a ton of clothes all in one go (it sort of weighs on my conscience, haha), but come on, it was a sale, and I had to make it worth the perpetually-dreaded £9 shipping. I also bought three pairs of pants, which has officially doubled my pants collection.

Funny story about this skirt...I've had my eye on it ever since it first appeared on the site, and I added the size 6 to my shopping cart, where it sat for months. Eventually it sold out, but I was adamant about having it so I immediately replaced it with a size 8 (knowing full well that it wasn't even my size). Then the sale came, which dropped the price by 50%, and the 8 sold out overnight. Ugh, I was so devastated! You know how you keep your eye these things like a hawk, but all it takes is a moment of negligence and then it's just...gone. Okay, maybe I'm overreacting a little (a lot), but the point is, I really really wanted this skirt. Ultimately, I decided that nothing was going to stop me from having it...so I bought it in size 10, resigning myself to the fate of tailoring.

My Topshop package arrived the other day, and I tried on the skirt expecting to be swamped in denim...but it was a strangely, shockingly good fit. Maybe a little loose but nothing a belt can't fix, certainly not enough of a problem to resort to alterations. For the first time in waking memory, arbitrary sizing has actually worked in my favor. Yes!

In bloggy news, I've been tweaking my blog layout. I've been wanting to switch to a single-column design for a while now; I like simplicity, and frankly I just don't have a whole lot of stuff to put in a sidebar. This entire layout has been a two-year work-in-progress, and it'll continue to evolve. I'm forever tinkering around with the code, and I'm kind of incredibly proud of myself to have managed to go from the basic 'Simple' Blogger layout and end up with what I have now, and all self-taught to boot! It's been two years of playing around and experimenting and googling for tips and solutions, plenty of hours spent wringing my hands in frustration over something that refused to do what I wanted...it was all worth it. Sure, there are plenty of secret mistakes and minor niggles, but there's nothing that I regret about embarking on this epic learning journey. Because life just wouldn't be very interesting without some fun (and occasionally vexing) learning journeys along the way.

thrifted Ally cardigan
Polo Ralph Lauren top
Topshop skirt
Mossimo shoes