Temt cardigan / Tresics top / Dahlia skirt / Valleygirl belt / Forever New tights / Zara shoes / ASOS sunglasses
Photos by Angie

Oli's leaving for home in the UK on Monday (he spent the past year in Australia as an exchange student), so we've been squeezing in as many tourist-y things as we can in the last couple of days. Yesterday, we visited WILD LIFE Sydney because Angie wanted to hug a koala.

The entrance was right beside Madame Tussaud's so of course we had to pose with the Leo wax statue. Which I don't think actually looks much like him -- he could be a Hemsworth with that hair.

And get ready for a barrage of animal photos!

This lorikeet was incredibly friendly and outgoing. It had a foot (claw?) on Angie's hand and kept nipping her fingers. The guide said that lorikeets familiarize with people by 'tasting' them.

Oli paid for a cuddle and a picture with a koala, so I got to go into the enclosure and take some super-closeup shots of these freaking adorable koalas!

Rex the crocodile, apparently one of the largest in the world. We got to watch him attempt to catch fish with those enormous jaws and thrash around trying to scratch his face. It was oddly endearing.

Our tourist shot. They were making us pay $35 for it, but I was like nup and secretly took a photo of it. It's rare for us to all be in the same shot together, but as if I'd pay $35 for it.

Afterwards we spent some time hanging out on the wharf, it was warm and perfectly sunny which was sort of unexpected considering we're currently in the middle of winter.

We spent the rest of the day loafing around at Darling Harbor, here it is all lit up in the evening....a perfect end to a perfect day.