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I've just finished a pretty full-on eight-hour day at uni, so forgive me if I don't manage blow your mind with my wit and intellect like I usually do.

I'm into my third week of the semester, and I have to say, I really like all my classes. Which isn't the norm for me -- every semester, there's always one subject that I'm somewhat apathetic about; I'll do the minimum amount of work to get by, but mostly it's just a bludge. This time around, I'm doing two politics units (Europe & Islam, International Relations of the Middle East) and a philosophy unit (Action, Virtue, Character) just for fun.

I've definitely said it on the blog before, but the Middle East is my favorite region of the world to study. It's exceptionally daunting too, what with all the history and conflict (and ongoing politics); there's so much to learn about, especially when you're starting out with no prior knowledge, but it's a mountain that I'm climbing with glee.

I've been doing philosophy electives all through my degree because I've always found perverse pleasure in challenging everything that I know. It's like the more I learn, the less sure I am of my knowledge, beliefs, and values. I'm not going to lie -- it's absolutely frustrating to feel so unsure of everything I've been brought up to blindly accept. But I don't believe that blind acceptance is ever a good thing, so it feels good and productive to be able to question why we value certain things over others. Last week we had a discussion on whether or not promise-keeping was an inherently 'good' value. Today we were confronted with all sorts of moral dilemmas whose answers seemed obvious at first, but then we had our preconceived notions completely ripped apart by philosophy, leaving my brain weeping with indecision. I loved every second of it.

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