rolled-up sleeves

I have a habit of completely dismissing certain brands (Supre? Rubi Shoes? Yuck) and I know I probably shouldn't be so closed-minded about that sort of thing...and I've been working on it. I'd always turned my nose up at Hollister -- they've got that stench of eau de fratty douche about them and I just couldn't take it seriously. Several months ago, I caved in and bought this blue check shirt, and I'm so glad that I did. Apart from the obvious logo, it's pretty much perfect -- it's comfortable and versatile. I've worn it so many times and it's really made reconsider some of the other clothing brands I'd previously written off. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'd want to be caught dead in Supre/Rubi Shoes, maybe someday... (but probably not, ha).

So tell me what keeps you up at night / Keeps you from closing your eyes / Keeps you alive

Music: I'm currently listening to "Ghosts" by Lydia, and their album Paint It Golden (stream it here) has been on constant repeat lately. After the band broke up in 2010, I sort of stopped keeping track of them, and so it was only the other week that I learned that not only did they get back together, but they'd released a new album a year ago. Where was I?! But yeah, Lydia is one of my absolute favorite bands (in the stratospheric top-5); they've perfected this ambient/multi-layered/orchestral indie rock sound that I adore...and the vocals are out of this world, you can practically hear the guy's heart breaking trying to get the words out. Paint It Golden might not surpass their magnum opus, 2008's Illuminate (stream), but it's a brilliant album in its own right, and I highly recommend it.

Temt cardigan
Hollister shirt
ASOS skirt
Barkins tights
thrifted ZU shoes