spring willing

It's still winter in Australia but with this outfit I feel like I'm using bright pastel colors to try to unconsciously will spring into being. And the northern-hemisphere bloggers I read are excited for fall, and all I can think is, I will gladly take sticky summer off your hands!

Have you ever seen someone and gone, "That's a fashion blogger!"? There's something distinctive about a certain subset of bloggers, not just the way they look or dress, but also the way they hold themselves. I'm thinking the really popular Lookbook people, tall and willowy, who've got on five trends at once, as well as that unmistakeable air of smug disinterest. I saw a girl at uni wearing a shirt buttoned up to the neck, an oversized knobbly sweater, skintight skinny jeans, and black creepers. Her hair was ombre and middle-parted and she looked bored to death...and it occurred to me, that's every trendy blogger ever. And don't even get me started on twee bloggers...

I've been watching Breaking Bad like a fiend, and holy crap, that last episode! Spoiler alert as it goes without saying, but my god that has got to be the most pointless death of the entire series (other than Tuco accidentally beating his henchman to death, I guess). Mike was one of my favorite characters and I just keep thinking, he didn't deserve to go out like that! Even for a criminal, he exuded a certain aura of nobility and I maybe could've accepted his death a little better if it was a sacrifice for a grand plan or something -- you know, a noble death befitting an extraordinary man. But that's not the worst part; what makes his death truly tragic is that not only will Kaylee not see a penny of the money he worked so hard (and died) to earn for her, but her last memory of her grandfather will be his abandoning her at the park. It reminded me of Lydia pleading for Mike not to kill her and make her disappear: "I have to be found; my daughter can't think that I've abandoned her." There's some weird irony at work in the BB universe. I think it's just best to remember that in BB, the world doesn't owe you anything...you don't deserve something just because you're a 'good' or 'noble' person. You get things by taking them, and oftentimes from other people. Sometimes things/people go to shit and there's just nothing you can do about it; all I can say is, I'm ready for Walt's downfall. I want to see him lose everything.

In less spiteful fare, I'm loving The Menzingers at the moment. They've perfected the angsty punk-rock sound, and with a good generous dash of pop sensibilities, their songs are catchy as hell. They actually remind me quite a bit of Bayside, one of my favorite bands, which in my opinion is never a bad comparison. You'll carve your names into the Paupack Cliffs / Just read them when you get old enough to know / that happiness is just a moment.

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