I seem to have taken an unconscious sabbatical from colored tights -- three different colors is just about the limit for me nowadays. But it feels like a natural progression though, and I'm curious about how my style continues to evolve.

And here's a close-up of my hair today. I adore the bouffant-y '60s-style ponytail, but I'd never tried it myself because it always looked so complicated -- my mediocre hair skills could never stretch that far! But I had a bit of extra time on my hands this morning, and armed with an online tutorial...I did it. And it was easy! Now all of a sudden I'm inspired to find more new hair styles to try. :)

I'm currently listening to (the side-project-of-the-frontman-of-a-dear-old-favorite, Lydia)

Chicabooti cardigan
thrifted, vintage shirt
American Apparel skirt
ASOS shoes