the world at our feet

{valleygirl} cardigan, {poof excellence} top, {everly/modcloth} skirt, {oasis} shoes

My midsemester break so far has been consumed with equal parts essay-writing and procrastination. I finally got to do something fun, though; on Friday, Cassie and I spent the afternoon hanging out and walking around the city. Here are a few snaps from the day -- rather picture-heavy but it was so difficult trying to narrow it down from 550!

Lindt chocolate cafe. Everything there is so expensive, but so good! These milkshakes were perfectly frothy, luxuriously chocolate-y... $8 was gone in a minute, and this includes time spent trying to save it and savor it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Mmmm...

Art Gallery of New South Wales. We are such tourists, I suppose the camera brings it out in us. We spent around fifteen minutes at the entrance just posing in front of columns and taking pictures.

Hyde Park. After hours on our feet, it was so lovely to be able to lounge around and watch the world go by. We saw a wedding photoshoot in progress and a pair of bogans making out...

Our last stop(s) of the day. Browsing in Sportsgirl, at the concert in Martin Place (the news was there!), and a quick dinner at McDonald's (classy!) before finishing for the evening.


I basically wore the same outfit in July. Normal people call it wearing your clothes multiple times. You know, like normal people do. But since I'm a blogger, I'm OMG REMIXING SO TALENTED CREATIVE WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS FROM! Gah, what a frivolous little bubble we bloggers live in.

J. Crew sweater
ASOS shirt
thrifted Cheap Monday jeans
Oasis shoes

palazzo dreams

This isn't the sort of silhouette that I'd normally go for, but I couldn't resist grabbing these trousers for $10 in the Topshop sale a couple months back. And it's always good to try new things, right? Especially when they're on sale, ha.

The one day I decide to wear white pants and suede heels and curl my hair up all nicely, is the day that the universe lets me know (once again) that it hates me by making it pour. Whatever, the drowned rat aesthetic is my (very much intentional) fashion statement.

thrifted Jay Jays top
Topshop pants
ASOS shoes

sunlit afternoon

This was what I wore to watch the dance performance that I was talking about in my last post. So, contemporary dance really isn't my thing, but we were willing to give it a chance (despite having seen a somewhat underwhelming preview video on Youtube); we figured it'd be better in person...and who could argue with free tickets? Worst case scenario, it's terrible, but we can just leave early, right?

Well...the universe threw a wrench in our plans, because we got FRONT ROW SEATS. Three feet away from the stage which wasn't raised, making it all the more convenient for the performers to keep an eye on us and make sure we weren't leaving. Angie was talking about if it was to anything else, how amazing would these seats have been?! I almost felt guilty about depriving someone these awesome front-row seats who would've actually appreciated it...but then it started and suddenly I felt like a martyr. I don't want to compare myself to Jesus but actually I kind of do.

This show was like a highlights reel of everything that makes people dismiss contemporary dance as a pretentious wankfest. It started off with a guy playing the flute. One single note for ten minutes straight. I'll just let that sink in for a moment... By this point all us volunteers were reduced to silent shaking laughing masses. Of course it's immature, but then it happens to you. Nothing to do but close your eyes and wait for it to end. That was the longest ten minutes of my life. The 90 minutes that followed was also (not so coincidentally?) the longest 90 minutes of my life. Then a woman came out and started singing what I later found out (re: wiki'd) to be 14th century French church music. She was actually quite good, but then it's 20 minutes later and she's basically repeated the same bit a dozen times. It wouldn't be a tragedy if I never have to hear it again.

Several large chunks of the performance took place in complete silence and the only sounds you heard were shuffling feet (they were wearing brightly-colored tennis shoes, what?) and labored breathing. I suppose there's something to be admired about skeletal simplicity, but I wasn't really in the right mindset to appreciate it, especially not when somebody's phone went off in the middle of that silence. Not even the culprit did anything about it, probably to avoid the humiliation, so we got to hear a lovely ringtone for a very, very long 20 seconds. And I'm not even going to go into the random gratuitous full-frontal male nudity.

There was also a line of dirt spanning the stage that the dancers spent the show kicking around and rolling in. I won't even pretend to understand the symbolism behind it; in fact, I'm pretty sure that the entire performance was absolutely drenched with symbolism and meaning, but either it was too obscure or I was too obtuse, but everything went completely over my head. Even though it truly was the most awful thing I've ever had the misfortune of seeing and sitting through, I don't necessarily regret going; I mean at least now I'm unequivocally certain that contemporary dance will never be 'my thing.' And whatever, I can definitely say that I've crossed that off my bucket list. See, I'm always finding the silver lining!

Valleygirl cardigan
Chelsea Girl top
Topshop pants
Zara flats

purple plaid

I've been doing a bit of volunteering this week and it's all about dressing (relatively) sensibly, so you'll be getting a week of pants outfits. Angie roped (re: bribed) me into volunteering with the people she interns for, so I get to accost strangers and get them to fill out surveys. We were also able to snag some free tickets to a contemporary dance performance out of it, which I'll tell you all about in my next post; all I can say is, it experience.

Dorothy Perkins shirt
Topshop pants & belt
Sperry Top-Sider shoes

kirribilli and beyond

Gah, I'm so behind on blogging! My motivation lately has been a bit lacking... I've been all up to date with taking photos, editing them, and uploading them, but then when it comes to actually writing things, my mind just goes blank. Usually when that happens I'll end up talking about the music I've been listening to recently (now you know my trick, ha!), but at the moment I'm on a bit of a podcast binge. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History series, to be exact. History gets such a bad reputation because it's considered 'boring,' but in reality it's anything but; to be frank, I just think it gets taught badly in school. It's such a cliché, but Dan Carlin makes history come alive. He creates an atmosphere of intimacy and urgency, so that even when he's discussing long-ago events like Genghis Khan's Mongol empire or the Punic Wars, I get incredibly invested in what's going on -- I'm pretty much sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire duration of an episode. It makes my daily hour-long bus rides between uni and home almost bearable, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I seem to have gone off topic a bit, haha. Anyway, so these pictures are from Saturday: Angie and I went to the Kirribilli markets and hung out at/on the Harbour Bridge.

The picture above: Angie got those gorgeous Mardi Gras-y DSquared shoes for freaking pennies! Seriously, ostrich and in amazing condition...sometimes I get so resentful of my stupid freakishly wide feet, haha.

And then a few shots (below) of our walk across the Harbour Bridge. I've lived here for four years and this is the first time I've actually done it, how does that even happen?! All the fences and stuff makes it look a bit like a prison, doesn't it? :D

These were taken at The Rocks once we'd crossed the bridge, it's such a historic, picturesque, twisty-turny secretly-creviced area.

(Aaand, I'm officially back to regular blogging; count on it!)

Avocado cardigan
Temt top
American Apparel skirt
Zara flats
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag