goofing around

The last post was a bit of a downer (understatement of the century?) but it felt...cathartic... to be able to finally write it down and accept that it was real. And now for some more upbeat stuff!

I don't have proper outfit shots of this look because I decided that it wasn't 'stylish' enough to make the blog. The weather was awful (16 degrees and windy and rainy!) so I chose to be comfortable...and that's how I justified legwarmers. Whatever.

But anyway, I spent the afternoon with Cassie and this was the day we took over 650 photos. Here are the highlights; enjoy!

I got a chicken hot dog from Snag Stand (oh my goodness, freaking delicious!), and then we went to Lindt, which has become our tradition.

Did a bit of tourist-ing in and around the State Library. As you can see, the side ponytail's become my new favorite thing. It's my very own homage to the 1980s (along with a cropped cardi in that particular shade of aqua-ish green, and jeans with legwarmers and sneakers).

Silliness at the Botanic Gardens. And suddenly I was vividly reminded of how much I used to adore climbing things.

And finally, sat around a bit at Circular Quay, next to the Opera House.

A Wear jacket, Louche cardigan, ASOS top & socks, Topshop jeans, Converse shoes || photos by Cassie & me