the highest tea

thrifted Jay Jays top / thrifted Review skirt / eBay belt / Prada shoes

These shoes hurt like absolute hell, but they were so worth it! As a (belated) birthday present, I took Angie to high tea at the Sydney Tower Eye (300m/1,000ft up!), so it literally was high tea. It's such a tourist-y thing to do, I know, but Sydney is such a beautiful city that it seems a shame not to make the most of it just because we live here. I've been here for four years and there are so many things I haven't done and so many things I haven't seen; Sydney might be here forever but I certainly won't be -- it can be my summer holiday bucket list.

We took a wedge-shaped elevator up to the top (which only took 45 seconds, but the claustrophobia!), and oh my goodness, the views were absolutely spectacular. It was a slightly surreal to see all these recognizable landmarks so tiny and toy-like, it's like anything can appear insignificant from a distance.

red white navy

On the day I wore this outfit, I walked past a girl wearing this exact dress. Gah, it was absolutely mortifying! I refused to make eye contact and she didn't look my way, but it's one of those gut feelings -- she so knows! Looking back on it, I probably should've tried to diffuse the situation, said something like, "Hey, dress twins! Asos, right?" But hindsight can be infuriatingly useless when you can't get your shit together in the moment.

Avocado cardigan
ASOS dress (shortened) & belt
Oasis shoes

big bow

I've been away for a bit, but when you get out of the habit of posting every other day, it's kind of hard to get back in it. I handed in my last assignment a couple days ago -- still got a week left of classes, but I'm basically done with the semester now. It feels strange to say that it's also the end of my degree; I mean I've been saying it for months, but it's finally starting to sink in that it's all real and actually happening. I'll be graduating from university. Deep breaths...

Valleygirl cardigan
Dorothy Perkins top & shoes
Topshop shorts & bow brooch