the highest tea

thrifted Jay Jays top / thrifted Review skirt / eBay belt / Prada shoes

These shoes hurt like absolute hell, but they were so worth it! As a (belated) birthday present, I took Angie to high tea at the Sydney Tower Eye (300m/1,000ft up!), so it literally was high tea. It's such a tourist-y thing to do, I know, but Sydney is such a beautiful city that it seems a shame not to make the most of it just because we live here. I've been here for four years and there are so many things I haven't done and so many things I haven't seen; Sydney might be here forever but I certainly won't be -- it can be my summer holiday bucket list.

We took a wedge-shaped elevator up to the top (which only took 45 seconds, but the claustrophobia!), and oh my goodness, the views were absolutely spectacular. It was a slightly surreal to see all these recognizable landmarks so tiny and toy-like, it's like anything can appear insignificant from a distance.

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Sarah said...

Yay! You're back! I check your blog every day and I get so excited whenever I see a new post! And your shoes are absolutely to die for!