arty pt. 2

Cassie and I went back to the Art Gallery a month ago -- it's so big that we can only really take in one floor at a time; previously we looked at more classical paintings and sculptures, and on our second trip, we took in modern art.

I caught Cassie's hand while she was taking a phone shot, but I really like the way it turned out. If I were an art bullshitter, I'd say something about the voyeuristic nature of art, being on the outside looking in therefore never getting the 'authentic' experience of art but then again every individual experience is one's own and thus authentic so who am I to judge what's real and what's not? Yeah, I should've become an art critic, haha.

Now this little exhibit was something else. The artist had actually constructed a basement in the middle of the exhibition floor, with hallways to walk through and about half a dozen rooms to explore. It was absolutely pitch black aside from a couple of well-placed lights, and the smell, the grime, and the whole dank atmosphere was incredibly realistic and a little spooky.

If I remember it right, it's the story of a pedophile-rapist-murderer and his victim. The body covered by the bag was placed right at the entrance of the basement -- you can sort of see where it tents up at the's slightly unsettling.

We spent the next ten minutes blindly stumbling through this basement, using our phones for light. There were dusty mirrors in strategic corners to make us jump, dirty toilets and toolboxes and stairs that led nowhere. And then we came upon the body.

In the photo below (left), the placard is a little hard to read, but it says, "Fork for eating human flesh." (!!!) And on the right, a statement about the sexualization/objectification of young girls...or something to that effect, I'm sure.

Afterwards, we swung by St. Mary's Cathedral, where we listened to a service from outside whilst taking dozens upon dozens of narcissistic selfies. There was a wedding photoshoot going on; I feel the urge to qualify that it was an Asian shoot, so you can imagine all the glamorous wistful, 'looking into middle distance' poses that went on. We had a good laugh about that...