the australian museum

I hope you had a great and food-filled Christmas, I didn't do anything (as usual) but it's always nice to have a couple of guilt-free do-nothing days. :)

These pictures are from a trip to the Australian Museum about...a month ago... It's usually more of a kids thing; school groups come here all the time. But since I'd never been before, we figured we'd make a day of it.

Below I'm wearing a Valleygirl cardigan, ASOS shirt & skirt, and Topshop loafer flats.

What did the late Triassic smell like? Answer: toilets. You know that fake pine-scented air freshener they always spray in public bathrooms? It's that, pretty much.

And below, the requisite silly posing with fake and real taxidermied animals.

They had a section where you could hold and play with things! Obviously I went for the Hamlet pose with the skull... ;D

We are so talented. Black crayon was mine...

...And some gift shop shenanigans. $100 koala, anyone?