red polka dots

I've been a bit absent lately, I know -- that's because we've moved! The past couple of weeks have been filled with nonstop working and packing, and finally everything's done. Well, just about... we're still waiting for internet, but we should be connected by the first of the month. I'm so excited to show you my new room, new house, and new neighborhood! :)

A few updates on my life lately:

I turned 21 a couple weeks ago and received some absolutely beautiful presents, which I'll be sharing on the blog soon. I've always felt disappointingly same-ish every birthday, but maybe because 21 is the last 'milestone' birthday, I do feel a little more mature. It's like I've accepted that I'm not a child anymore.

I also joined the (not very exclusive) iPhone club as a congrats-on-your-employment! gift to myself, and what was the first app I downloaded? Instagram, of course. :) I'm @notwithoutincident, and I'd love for you to follow along.

I've been working a lot these past few months, saving up for what's promising to be the holiday of a so-far lifetime. That's all I'm saying for the moment, I don't want to jinx it :)

Talk more later!