the graduate

I promise I haven't abandanoned my blog! My life's been incredibly full-on the last couple months and I just haven't found the time (or motivation) to update. I'm halfway through with the first semester of my master's, and it's been a killer, to put it lightly. All I can say is, I'm newly inspired to look for my first graduate job, I think I'm finally done with school for good!

In other news, I graduated! I am now a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree. t's so hard not to be a little bit cynical about it, but I can't still can't help but feel proud; my entire educational career has pretty much led up to this point.

There are a few things they don't tell you about the cap and gown, like the four arm holes in the gown. Why?! I'm already stressed about not looking like a fool at graduation, and now I'm supposed to worry about whether I've got my arms through the right arm holes? And a tip about the cap -- get the right size! When I was getting fitted for my cap, the guy asked me if it fit...well, I wasn't exactly an expert of graduation cap fit; it wasn't falling off at that exact moment, so I said yes. That wasn't my finest moment. For the rest of the day, every time I moved my head even the slightest inch, I could feel the cap start to slide off; that's why I'm holding onto it (for dear life) in most of these photos. The walk on stage went by like a blur because I was so preoccupied with what felt like balancing a plate on my head. I shook hands with the Vice Chancellor and had no idea what he said to me, the whole experience was such a blank, all because of the stupid cap! In the end though, everything turned out fine, my hat didn't fall off, and I get a mildly interesting anecdote from my graduation -- can't complain about that. :)